Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Online casino slots provide a huge choice of games

By mr-casino on 2014-11-03 08:51:37

All online casinos have a tremendous range of casino games but the greatest choice is definitely in the areas of casino slots where the choice often extends to more than 100 different games but even then there are really only two basic types of casino slots being three reel and five reel slots. The difference between all these casino slots comes down to the symbols and theme of the casino slot plus the ability to vary the number of winning lines and the stake per line. Clearly five reel slots generally have the greater number of winning lines available and again it is the 5 reel casino slots that have the huge progressive jackpots that run into the millions of Euro. The actual range of casino slots available at your online casino will depend upon which casino software which is being used so for example some of the casino slots at Ladbrokes Casino and Paddy Power Casino will be the same but they will be completely different from those at All Irish Casino which uses the NetEnt casino software. All Irish Casino does not have millions of Euro available in jackpots but then smaller jackpots are easier to win and they are still large enough for most Irish casino players so the choice is yours. If you want to play the online casino slots with the very large jackpots you must be prepared to play for the maximum stake per line as without that you will not win the full amount but it is interesting to note that it is not required to also play the maximum number of winning lines but clearly the more lines you play the better your chance of winning. Online casino slots have come on leaps and bounds in recent years with all sorts of twists of free spins and wild symbols appearing which can make it all much more fun.