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Online casino slots remain the most popular casino game

By mr-casino on 2012-05-03 14:29:55

If you want to win big money at an online casino with a modest outlay then online slots are for you as they can carry massive jackpots running into the millions of Euro; not surprising then that online slots are the most popular of all online casino games and also not surprising that online casinos carry more choice of casino slots than other category of game. Despite the huge variety of slots available all games fall into one of two categories and they are three reel slots and five reel slots; it is not uncommon for the 5 reel slots to be called video slots in some online casinos. You can sometimes find video slots to be played for as little as €0.01 per line but to win the massive jackpots you will generally need to be gambling at the maximum per line. Most slots will have symbols for free spins and wilds and jackpots but the main difference between them is the number of winning lines that can be played and the number of symbols that are visible per reel plus of course they all have some form of theme in the characters and the sound effects which helps you choose your favourite slot. The maximum number of winning lines that we currently know about can be found at Ladbrokes casino where “Arctic Fortune” boasts no less than 1024 lines but much more common is 15 to 20. You may also notice if you play casino slots at different online casinos that you can find the same slots time and again and it is this feature that allows the massive slot jackpots to build rapidly as all players are contributing regardless of the online casino being played. Casino slots remain as popular as ever and somebody has to win these jackpots so why not you?