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Online casino software is a specialised business

By mr-casino on 2012-07-30 10:02:54

You could spend many enjoyable hours playing at your chosen online casino without ever considering which casino software is being used but in actual fact it is the casino software which is largely the cause of enjoyment or not. The major online casino operators will make no attempt to develop their own casino software as it is a very specialised business and there are some advantages to several online casinos using the same software as we shall explain later. The major providers of casino software are Microgaming, Playtech, Netent or Net Entertainment to give them the correct name, Chartwell and Wagerworks and you can find a description of each of these on our casino software page and generally online casinos will use one or sometimes more than one of the above. The comment about using more than one casino software companies comes from the fact that it is not uncommon for an online casino provider to use for example one casino software provider for the slots section but a different one for the games section. It is this fact that online casinos sometimes use the same casino software that makes some of the online casinos look very similar despite each of them being individually branded so for example you will find that Bet365 and BetFred look remarkably similar as they both use Playtech casino software. The good thing about common casino software is that jackpots can roll up much faster as the casino software company is keeping the cash for the jackpots and it is being contributed to by all users and paid out to the winner on any of the users sites. Which casino software is being used by your chosen online casino is probably not important as long as you are having enjoyment but if you are interested the online casino will usually have the information somewhere on the site.