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Online casino software is important for your enjoyment

By mr-casino on 2012-11-27 13:53:13

Players at an online casino do not normally consider what casino software is being used but it can have a major effect on whether you enjoy the experience or not. Online casino software is in fact a very specialised business with only a handful of companies supplying most of the online casinos which also goes some way to explaining  why some online casinos look remarkably similar to others; take for example Bet365 and BetFred who both use casino software developed by Playtech. Other casino software suppliers include Netent, Wagerworks, Chartwell and Microgaming and if you need more information you can read our casino software pages here at Generally speaking the online casinos will construct a deal with one or more of the major suppliers which keeps them up to date with the newest games which have been developed and this is particularly relevant to casino slots where new games are coming on stream all the time. You may also have noticed that casino slots often use characters from the movies and it is the casino software developer that has the licensing arrangement with Paramount or Marvel. Another advantage of the online casinos using common casino software is that the progressive jackpots can grow much faster than they might otherwise do. Contrary to popular belief an online casino is very pleased when a casino player hits a massive jackpot because they can advertise the fact and it actually costs the online casino nothing. Every spin of a slots machine which is attached to the progressive jackpots makes a very small contribution to the jackpot pot and the more online casinos that use that casino software with that particular slot, the more contributions are being made and it is the casino software company that is accumulating the money so that when the jackpot falls the online casino is not out of pocket.