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Online casino software is important

By mr-casino on 2016-03-21 17:21:16

The reason for choosing one online casino over another is often down to heavy advertising or by recommendations from sites such as which study online casinos and make judgments on behalf of its readers but whether you enjoy the experience of online casinos depends largely on the online casino software which is being used at your chosen casino. Online casinos do not write their own casino software these days as there are specilalised companies which are far better at it and although the names of the online casinos are often well known in public circles the names of the casino software companies are generally not. The major casino software suppliers are people such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming although there are several others which provide a number of casino slots such as Amatic Industries which is used at alongside NetEnt. You will find that if you look at several online casinos that you come across the same casino games and casino slots time and time again and this is because the online casinos are using the same casino software. This is not a bad thing and indeed it can be a distinct advantage when progressive jackpots are concerned as every user of the casino software for that particular jackpot slots contributes to the jackpot which therefore builds up that much faster than would be the case were there only a single user. This also goes some way to explain why an online casino is very happy when one of its players hits a large progressive jackpot as it does not actually cost that online casino any extra money but it gets all the kudos of having a player who made a lot of money thus hopefully attracting more players. Next time you play at an online casino take a look at which casino software is in use.