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Online casinos depend on the casino software that has been chosen

By mr-casino on 2018-01-26 11:09:51

All online casinos are totally dependent on the casino software which is used to run them and although it used to be the case that an online casino would develop its own software this is no longer the case. Casino software used to be relatively simple with games such as Roulette and even some of the casino slots were simple three reel one winning line machines but these days casino slots have become very complicated sometimes with hundreds of winning lines and different features that it becomes increasingly difficult for a single online casino to keep up. The result is that specialist casino software companies have been created that develop casino games which they then sell, lease or rent to the online casinos. In the case of progressive jackpot slots they also perform another important role and that is to look after the jackpot money. The same progressive jackpot slots are very often found across a range of online casinos which is good for the jackpot as it builds much faster than it would otherwise do but as the online casinos are in competition with each other it would not be possible for one of them to manage the jackpot. The solution is that the casino software company that developed the game manages the jackpot. Each spin on the casino slot on any of the online casinos that carry the game contributes a small amount to the jackpot and when a player hits it the money is paid out from the casino software company via the online casino that the lucky person was playing. This also goes a long way to explain why online casinos are very happy when one of their players hits a big jackpot as they get all the publicity and none of the cost.

There are a number of small as well as large casino software companies and, as is the case with the online casinos themselves, small does not mean inferior, it merely suggests that they have fewer offerings. There are a number of smaller casino software developers such as NYX or Thunderkick that have very interesting casino slots. For example Thunderkick has an amusing casino slot called Birds on a Wire which can be found at where a variety of different birds sit on three high voltage wires. If a winning combination of birds comes up the wires become live and those birds in the winning combination are electrocuted and fall to the ground in a puff of feathers and ash. They are then replaced by new birds which fly in to take their place. If this new arrangement also results in w in the same thing happens but in the meantime there is a win multiplier which has moved on to 2X. This can continue happening indefinitely but the win multiplier stops at 5X. If this sounds a bit sadistic or you are a bird lover do not worry as the birds in this casino software bear no resemblance whatsoever to real birds in fact some are so overweight there is no real chance of them flying anywhere and one of them is even enclosed in a paper bag. This is actually a very humorous casino slot.

Clearly with birds flying in this is not a conventional 5 reel slot although there are still 15 symbols visible on the screen. The online casino software achieves this by having all symbols independent of each other and Thunderkick is not the only developer to have this feature. NetEnt also has it in a couple of their casino slots such as Jack Hammer™ and Gonzo’s Quest™ both of which can be found at the popular online casino called All Irish Casino. Gonzo’s Quest™ works in a similar way by having a win multiplier and winning symbols being replaced but in this case the slot is based on an explorer called Gonzo who is in darkest Peru and the symbols, which have a sort of Aztec theme, are carved onto stone blocks. The winning blocks explode and any above drop down with any on the top row being replaced. The slot also has a win multiplier but the really interesting thing is Gonzo himself who oversees what is going on by standing beside the slot scratching his beard. He also gets very animated when a large win is achieved by removing his helmet and trying to catch some of the gold coins which are cascading over the top of the screen. Getting into the free falls mode (called free spins in any other casino slot) is also interesting as Gonzo will lead you to separate game where the win multiplier starts at 3X and with successive wins can reach 15X which results in some pretty impressive win amounts.

The other casino slot from the NetEnt casino software which was mentioned is Jack Hammer™. There are actually two versions but they work in an identical way ad have what is known as Sticky Wins™. This slot is available at several of the online casinos recommended at the site such as No Bonus Casino, Freespins Casino and All Irish Casino. In Jack Hammer™ instead of the winning symbols disappearing and being replaced the winning symbols are held and all others are replaced. This can and invariably does result in the original win being improved by more identical symbols being added. There is no win multiplier but as long as the win is being improved all symbols not in the winning combination are replaced. There are also wilds to help along the way and free spins symbols where it really gets interesting. You need a minimum of 5 free spins symbols to trigger the free spins game with 10 free spins which may seem quite a lot but remember that the Sticky Wins™ feature also applies to the free spins symbols so a minimum of three will be held which can rapidly develop into 5 or more. The Sticky Wins™ feature is also active in free spins mode and all wins are tripled which again can result in some impressive cash.