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Online casinos not the cause of casino closures

By mr-casino on 2014-12-15 15:07:15

The Irish casino news is full of the demise of casinos in Atlantic City and Macau although the reasons for the demise could well be different. Casino news reports say the four casinos have already closed in Atlantic City this year alone and there could be yet another and it is all about competition but not as you might expect from an online casino. The problem is that in the USA there were only a few States where gambling is legal so we think of Nevada the home of Las Vegas and New Jersey the home of Atlantic City so massive investment was poured into developments but unfortunately as has been reported in the Irish casino news on this site several times other neighbouring states have jumped on the bandwagon and slowly but surely legalised gambling meaning that punters no longer have to travel large distances to a casino. Online casinos remain illegal for the time being in the USA but that also appears to be a ticking time bomb for large casino resorts. On the other side of the world in Chinese territory Macau which is the only place in China where gambling is allowed there have also been recent reports in the casino news about falling revenues but this is out down to the crackdown in China on corruption which it is assumed in several casino news reports that most of the gambling money is coming from. High rollers in particular are keen not to draw attention to themselves in case of investigations about where the money comes from and the unrest in Hong Kong which is probably the main entry route for many casino players is putting people off according to casino news reports. The Chinese people love their gambling and online casinos are illegal so it remains to be seen where they will now go but a recent casino news article on this site suggested that Australia was trying hard.