Casino and online casino list for Ireland

All online casinos now have a live casino option with limited games

By mr-casino on 2017-07-30 16:10:26

Online casinos are continually looking for something new to entertain their customers and if you are a regular online casino player you will know of the existence of so called live casino. It is not clear why online casinos decided that a live casino option would attract players but one possible reason is the criticism that some of them received about the random number generators which are used at all online casinos. It is of course very easy to blame a random number generator for a losing streak although  there is never a complaint when profits are rolling in but as long as you are playing at a reputable online casino such as any of those listed here at it is not the generator which is at fault. There will undoubtedly be online casinos available to Irish casino players who make amendments to their RNG programmes in order to make a quick profit. These casinos are probably not correctly licensed and will not be around for long but they could still catch you out if you are not careful.

Live casino does do away with the random number generator by having live dealers in place who actually deal the cards and spin the roulette wheel. These casinos are nothing more than special rooms which have been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and tables and where the proceedings can be seen via webcams on your device. Because the internet can be connected anywhere the rooms in question can be located anywhere and indeed most seem to be in Eastern Europe somewhere. Most online casinos do not even mention where the live casino is being streamed from but All Irish Casino is one of the exceptions stating that the live casino option is actually located in a casino premises in Malta. Malta is of course one of the prime locations for online gambling activity and in particular online casinos and they have a very good licensing and control system but in addition they also have a couple of very good land based casinos and it is at one of these that has the live casino based. The casino in question is the Portomaso Casino which you may have visited on vacation in Malta. The live casino is of course separate from the rest of the casino floor as most casino players would object to being filmed and placed live on the internet for everybody to see. The same actually applies to the live casino option at online casinos as the cameras are placed in such a way that it is only the dealer and the table which are visible so even though other people might be online with you, you cannot see them or their bets.

You are also missing the noise element that you find at normal land based casinos but this can be as much an advantage as a disadvantage for some people. You can still “chat” to the dealer if you so wish but not in the same way as you might have some banter with a dealer on the opposite side of the table. The most popular casino games played at the live casino options are without doubt roulette and blackjack and there is often a choice of tables with different stakes available. Minimum stakes are generally a little higher at the live casino than at the regular online casino but if you are an average stakes player then it makes no difference. The games of roulette are the same as at online casinos but you may find that the live casino option is a little slower as the random number generator at an online casino has already selected the winning number quickly and the wheel will stop rotating after three or four turns. An actual roulette wheel however can often make more revolutions depending on how hard the dealer spins the wheel. Blackjack is also more aligned with a land based casino in terms of time which is generally a little slower.

One of the most popular casino games and indeed one which is very suited to live casino is Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is known in some online casinos. It is the same game whichever name the casino uses. It is ideal for playing at the live casino option as there is no action required by the player. There are two hands dealt and the dealer plays them both. This might seem strange if you are new to the game but actually the rules are so strict that the dealer has no flexibility at all. The game is simplicity itself as there are only two hands and three possible bets which are for either hand to win or for the result to be tie. Baccarat is probably the only card game where you bet on the bank to win. The only slightly difficult thing about Baccarat is the counting of the card value but a quick read of the rules will soon explain everything.

Other games which you may come across at the live casino option of your chosen online casino are Red Dog or possibly Casino Hold’em. Red Dog is the simplest of games where two cards are dealt and you bet whether the next card will fall between the first two. There are different odds paid according to what the first two cards are. The smaller the number of cards there are that fit between the first two the better are the odds but even the best hand which is Ace and a King still pays at even money. Even an Ace and a King is however not certain to win as another Ace or another King will make it a losing hand. If the first two cards are consecutive there are of course no cards that fit between them so the hand is void and your stake returned Casino Hold’em is a game for poker players that does not involve raising or bluffing so is ideal for learning the game. It still uses two hole cards and five community cards and the only player to beat is the dealer.