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Online lounges in the casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-04-26 09:37:00

It is reported in the general casino news this week that despite the long arguments about the legality of online casinos in the USA several casinos in New Jersey are already operating an online casino on their own premises. According to the casino news reports one of the biggest problems with online casinos was how to fund an account as banks and credit card companies will not allow it but the smart casino operators have now created what they call online lounges where players can create an account with the help of staff and make deposits either at a kiosk in the lounge or at the regular casino cashier desk. This can be done on the customers own computer, tablet or mobile phone which can of course then be taken off site for further online casino play. In the latest casino news reports Resorts Casino Hotel also has touch screens around the lounge which are for free casino play only to help prospective punters familiarize themselves with the various casino games that are available at online casinos and are not offered in the regular casino.  Although not stated in the casino news it is assumed that a person needs to visit the casino to make any withdrawals as well as deposits. The casino operators do not consider that this online casino business is taking away customers from the regular casinos and in fact they state that new customers are turning up that have never visited their land based casinos. It seems that despite all the arguments about whether online casinos will be allowed in the USA, the people who run casinos have found a way around the problem and the legislation and clearly with the help of State officials who probably like the tax income generated.