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By mr-casino on 2012-03-26 15:01:05

Ireland is recognised as a land of gamblers and although the origins of this reputation probably lie in horse and dog racing there seems to be an increasing move towards online casinos and for that reason has been created. Opening an online casino account with one of the online casinos listed here at is very simple and you can still place your bets on the horses or the dogs or any other sport for that matter and it is exactly this flexibility that is attractive to many Irish casino players. Having an online casino account means that you no longer need to leave your house or worry about what to wear and of course eating and drinking is a matter of personal choice and with a huge choice of casino games from which to choose it becomes clear why so many are choosing this way to go. The problem of course arises in choosing an online casino from the literally hundreds that are available and this is where can really help; there are certain minimum requirements that an online casino should have and they include certification from a recognised body which in online casinos is often based in Gibraltar or Malta or even the Isle of Man. As well as certification it also helps if the online casino is a member of voluntary groups such as e-COGRA and has a complete range of casino games. It can become quite difficult to make comparisons between online casinos especially if you are new to them so by arriving at you have made a very good choice which you can continue by registering at one of the online casinos that we list. has done the homework and made the comparisons to bring you we consider are the best online casinos offering fair games and data security.