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Paddy Power always in the Irish casino news

By mr-casino on 2013-10-01 14:14:26

We all know that with bookmakers such as Paddy Power who play in many European markets the Irish online casino business is going from strength to strength but recently we read in the Irish casino news that the online casino software and other online games software business is also improving and providing plenty of employment across the country. We have seen in the Irish casino news many times how much we all love to gamble whether that is at online casinos or down at the local bookmaker but it is good to know that the industry is also providing employment and generating income through tax. Paddy Power is also in the Irish casino news when CEO Patrick Kennedy was talking about linking up with Facebook to make in play sports betting available to the users but as this is a social media web site there are still question marks about what people will tell each other about bets they are placing; everybody likes to talk about what they win but very few about what they lose. Irish casino news has also seen reports about a possible tie up between Paddy Power casino and an unnamed US partner which could provide online poker when the long anticipated change of legislation comes into force in New Jersey which could be as soon as November this year. There are no reports in the casino news that suggest that anything more than online poker will be allowed and of course all players need to be residents of New Jersey which could restrict the number of players and hence income. Currently Paddy Power casino is saying nothing concrete about this development other than to confirm the interest to be ready should legislation change. Online casinos in the whole country remains just a dream at the moment.