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Paddy Power casino has a couple of unusual casino games for you

By mr-casino on 2011-09-08 12:21:21

There are some unusual casino games available in online casinos today so thought we might take a look at a couple of them starting with a Paddy Power alternative to a slot game which is called “Cash Drop”. This can be found under the games section of the Paddy Power casino site and although similar to a slot game it has 18 spinning hexagons with different fruit symbols including bars and bells and 777s but they are also of different colours making two different ways to win. There is the regular method of achieving 3,4 or 5 like symbols on a winning line from left to right as in a normal slot but you can also win by having 5 hexagons of the same colour on a winning line regardless of the symbol. This also sets of a “reaction” which means that these hexagons are replaced by others with the chance of winning again with the new symbols and each time you win the payout is increased by one. This is not quite a slot game but interesting nevertheless. Another interesting casino game from Paddy Power is “darts” which unlike the real game requires no skill and should appeal to the roulette players out there as it is loosely similar. In darts you are betting on where any of the three darts thrown will land on the darts board; you can bet on any single number which pays out at 7:1, any double which pays out at 45:1 or any triple which pays out at 75:1. When compared to roulette these odds may seem quite small but remember that you have three chances with each throw. In an unusual twist you can also place a bet on the total of the three darts thrown. We tried this game for you and it is a good alternative to roulette..