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Paddy Power casino has some different games

By mr-casino on 2013-06-19 13:46:48

When are casino slots not slots and when is roulette not roulette? Paddy Power casino seems to have the answers to these question s in the online casino leisure games section where you can find such things as Pinball roulette which has a conventional roulette layout but instead of a roulette wheel there is a pinball machine with the roulette numbers sliding along at the base. As the outcome is determined by a random number generator it all seems pretty pointless to but if you enjoy it, give it a go. Along similar lines is Rubiks Riches where instead of a reeled slot machine there is simply a rubiks cube that spins and pays out for lines of the same colour or more for a complete cube face of the same colour. If scratch cards are your thing you can find a couple at Paddy Power casino where you have 6 cards and need to match one symbol to the prize symbol which changes every game. The prizes vary per game but can be up to €200 so it is a quick way to win if you are lucky. Also at Paddy Power online casino, leisure games you can find quick Keno which has a board of 80 numbers and 20 drawn balls which you have to match. The more numbers you select the higher the number that need to match to win. If something even more simple is required, nothing is more simple than heads or tails and by going for 2 or even 3 consecutive spins the odds are increased. Paddy Power casino has loads of these casino games which are based on regular games but add a slightly different dimension but one which is not is bonus bowling but has never seen such terrible bowling with over the balls thrown ending up in the gutter. Good fun all the same.