Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Paddy Power has a great section for head to head games.

By mr-casino on 2010-11-22 12:45:59

One of the most complete offerings of betting opportunities is Irelands favourite Paddy Power. All the usual sports bets and casino games are there and of course Poker but there are some more that you may not yet have discovered; for example “spread trading” which is financial betting and then there is a heading called “games” in which you can find something a little bit different and of course Bingo and Lotteries but we would like to draw your attention to “Live Betting” and the section called “Player”. Live betting is betting whilst the game or match is in progress and if you are knowledgeable it gives you the opportunity to see what is happening before placing your bets but of course the odds are continuously changing as well. Not all games or matches are open to live betting but there is generally a good selection of football, tennis, cricket and even Basketball. Player is a very interesting section and if you have never looked at it we suggest you do. It is in principle an area where you can play games against other players rather than against the casino and includes such games as Brag, Backgammon, Blackjack, Gin Rummy, Poker Dice and even Domino Duel. If you like poker there is “Pineapple Poker” which is a bit like Texas Hold’em except that you are dealt three cards in the first deal instead of two but you must discard one of them after the flop. The game is played as a tournament so for your playing stake you get 1000 chips and the game finishes when one player has all the chips. This is an excellent way to learn tournament poker without it costing an arm and a leg. Try the player section at Paddy Power; we are sure you will enjoy the experience..