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Paddy Power live casino is for small and large stakes

By mr-casino on 2018-11-22 15:22:59

Nearly all online casinos have what they call a live casino option which is an attempt to replicate what happens in an actual casino and one of those is Paddy Power Casino. No online casino can exactly replicate an actual casino as one of the key ingredients is the interaction with other players which does not necessarily mean talking to them but rather watching what they are doing and how they are playing. Unfortunately many Irish casino players have never been to a real casino as there are none in the country so the live casino option at an online casino is as close as many are going to get. The good thing about the live casino is that you can see what is going on which means you can see the cards being dealt or the roulette ball bouncing around the wheel. In regular online casino play the next number or card is determined by a random number generator or RNG for short and although the results are unlikely to be significantly different from each other there are many who like to see cards dealt rather than simply appearing. There are those who have a natural distrust of RNGs and who think that the online casinos can fiddle them to their advantage but this is more likely to happen when a player is losing. Any good online casino, and Paddy Power Casino is one of those, will have their RNG tested on a regular basis to make sure that the results are random. In fact all of the online casino listed on the site have them tested regularly.

There is no need for an online casino to tamper with an RNG even if they could as there is a margin or house edge in every game which guarantees that the house will win given enough players and sufficient time. Players do of course win on a regular basis as any regular player knows which is part of the fun and entertainment but every winner there is probably also a loser. The most popular casino games played at the live casino option are without doubt roulette and blackjack and there are generally a few choices of game. For example at Paddy Power casino live casino roulette you can play  regular or VIP roulette along with Age of the Gods roulette or even live football roulette and all for very nominal stakes of €1 or €0.50 per chip. When it comes to Blackjack however the chip values jump up but even then you have a choice of playing low, Mid or VIP values which effectively means a minimum chip value of €3, €10 and €25 respectively with corresponding higher maximum values. always gets a strange feeling when in the UK they are changing legislation because it is possible to lose £300 per minute in the bookmaker but if the same people log into Paddy Power Casino they can play for €10000 on a single hand. This does not affect Irish people as we are talking here about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals or FOBTs for short which are not present in Irish Bookmakers shops. Paddy Power has them but not in Ireland.

Paddy Power live casino also offers live Sic Bo and Live Casino Hold’em as well as live 3 card brag which can bring a bit of variation.  Many Irish casino players will not be familiar with Sic Bo but it is a very interesting game of pure luck played with three dice and the idea is simply to predict what the result of the dice throw will be. There are a number of ways to bet and they are all laid out on what appears at first to be a rather complicated table. In a similar way to roulette it is possible to take a high risk high reward stance or a low risk low reward stance. For example you can bet that the result of the three dice will be a high number or a low number which pays out at even money. We are talking in this case about the sum of the three dice which can of course be anything between 3 and 18. A low number is defined as anything between 4 and 10 and a high number as anything between 11 and 17. What about 3 and 18 you may ask. The only way to get a total of three on three dice is for them all to be a one which means three ones and similarly for 18 you will need three sixes but these combinations win in different areas so they are not counted as high or low numbers. Should you wish to bet that the three dice all come up sixes you can do so in the corresponding space on the table and if it wins it pays out at 180:1 This is obviously the high risk high reward end of the game. All the odds are clearly stated on the board. Sic Bo is a casino game requiring no skill. 3 card brag is only available at the live casino option at Paddy Power Casino but it is not the 3 card brag played against other players but rather against a dealer hand in the same way as Casino Hold’em.

Live casino options at different online casinos can have slightly different games as for example at Paddy Power Casino there is no Baccarat but that game is available at All Irish Casino. The one thing that all live casinos have in common is that there are no casino slots for the simple reason that casino slots do not require a dealer. Only casino games that need a dealer will be at the live casino. It is generally very easy to switch between live casino and regular online casino even using the same account and cash pool and if you are a first time player at the live casino there may well be a bonus waiting for you even if you have been playing at the online casino for a while.