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Party casino offers well over 100 online casino slots

By mr-casino on 2013-01-30 11:11:10

Nearly everybody who has the slightest interest in online gambling will have heard of Party Poker but that is only one part of Party Gaming as there is also Party Casino, Party Bets and PartyGammon. Bwin and Party have recently merged together to form Bwin/Party but as yet the Party casino remains unchanged and probably will remain unchanged at least for the moment as in our opinion Party casino is a much better offering than Bwin casino whereas the Bwin sports gambling offering is better than Party Bets. Party casino is one of the online casinos that we list on the site here at and it passes all the licensing requirements that are needed but it also provides a large range of casino games with great graphics. Party casino has all the regular roulette and blackjack games plus a range of other games such as craps or red dog, let it ride poker, baccarat.,Caribbean stud etc but the largest number of games can be found in the slots section where the choice is well over 100. Whilst we like Party casino very much as an online casino there is one thing which we think is a little inconvenient and that is that you need to have an account and log into it before you can even play free casino. Opening an account at Party casino is of course not difficult and there is no need to actually make a deposit in order to try the casino games so it really is simply inconvenient. Most people who play at Party casino are not actually looking to play free casino and if you come into that category then Party casino is certainly for you. The casino games at Party casino are all well laid out in the lobby making it very easy to find your favourites and the games themselves are not downloaded until you request it thereby saving space on your computer.