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By mr-casino on 2011-08-31 16:23:28

The counting of cards in Baccarat is probably the strangest thing about what is in fact a very simple game but it is enough to put a lot of people off playing. Of course the original Baccarat played in casinos around the world was very much an elitist game but only due to the high stakes for which people used to play and it was often segregated from the rest of the casino to ensure the high rollers could get privacy. With all of that mystery surrounding the game it is maybe surprising that in fact Baccarat is a simple game of luck with no skill or strategy involved. In today’s world of online casinos it is of course possible to play Baccarat for very minimal stakes and enjoy it so to encourage casino players to join in and play Baccarat we shall attempt to explain the card counting. When you play Baccarat all conventional ten value cards (10,J,Q,K) have a value of zero; all other cards are valued at their face value (an Ace is 1). The value of a complete hand is the total of the cards in that hand which will be either two or three cards but the total can never exceed 9. The way this is accomplished in baccarat play is that any total that exceeds 9 and therefore becomes a double figure number drops the first digit to bring it back to a single figure number; in other words a 6 and a 7 are in total 13 but the first figure is dropped so it becomes 3 and similarly an 8 and a 2 are 10 which becomes 0. If you play baccarat this is the first thing to master. There are only three bets in baccarat which are the bank, the player or a tie. The winner between the bank and the player is the one whose hand total is closest to 9 and a tie speaks for itself. There are also very specific rules about when a third card is drawn and when it is not but you do not actually have to know these rules to play baccarat as the dealer takes care of everything. Baccarat is a little bit different but once you have mastered the counting you can at least see why you have won or lost..