Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Play free casino for an occasional bit of fun

By mr-casino on 2011-05-27 09:24:13

Online casinos have at least one thing to offer that you never find in a land based casino and that is free casino play. At first thought it may seem a little strange that any casino should offer the chance to play for free and indeed no land based casino will ever do it as they have enormous overhead costs which they have to cover but online casinos have all the software in place already so to offer free casino as well as regular casino play has very little if any additional costs involved. Of course if everyone suddenly decided to play free casino instead of real money casino they would soon stop it but that is never going to happen as people play at an online casino in general in the hope of making some profit and that is not going to happen with free casino as everything is done with play money. Despite not being able to make any money playing free casino it can still be great fun and it is an excellent way to learn or try out new games to see if you like them but having said that, it would be very frustrating to be playing free casino and hit a jackpot on a slot machine. Some online casinos will also offer free casino games which are played against other players but if you try these out you will soon realise that the players have a different attitude to gambling when it is only play money so despite it being good fun this will not really replicate a true experience of playing the game for real money. Free casino is available at all online casinos but the option is more obvious on some casino than on others and some online casinos may still require you to register an account before you play but free casino is great for an occasional bit of fun..