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Play let it ride poker at an online casino to understand the value of poker hands

By mr-casino on 2011-09-26 12:57:26

Our television screens and advertising seem full of poker these days but if you are tempted to have a go for the first time you could do worse than play let it ride poker at an online casino before you delve into the world of Texas Hold’em in a money game. Playing online poker for cash can be a difficult and expensive game until you have learned the basics of the game and let it ride is a very good way to learn the value of the hands without risking more than you bargained for but you will of course still have to learn when and how to place bets. Let it ride is a poker game that is played against the house and involves no bluffing and if you have a winning hand, you win and the better your hand the better odds you will be paid. In simple terms in let it ride you are dealt 5 cards and you have to make a poker hand of one pair of tens or better; if you do that you win and if not you lose. The placing of bets in let it ride is a little different from most casino games in that instead of increasing your bet when you think you can win you decrease your bet if you think that you cannot win but in effect it is the same thing. Your initial bet in let it ride is three times your ante bet but as the game progresses you have the chance to remove two of those bets leaving just the ante bet which is the same as placing an ante bet and not raising any further. The mechanics of the game are that you are dealt three cards face up and two cards face down and before each of the face down cards is turned you can remove one of your bets or you can of course let it ride which is where the name of the game comes from. Let it ride really is a good and gentle introduction to poker..