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Playing roulette at an online casino is pure luck

By mr-casino on 2013-09-15 16:38:34

Roulette has got to be one of the simplest and yet most enjoyable casino games available at online casinos everywhere and despite many roulette players thinking that strategy plays an important part and that previous numbers are important, it is a game of pure luck. You can quickly imagine that when online casinos provide you with previous numbers that have won or even go to the trouble of giving what are termed hot and cold numbers on the roulette table that the information provided is not going to help you win. There is just as much chance of any number being the winner whether there have been seven or eight successive reds or blacks or not, so often the best way to play roulette is simply to spread your bets around and hope for the best. Some roulette players will have special or lucky numbers which is fine but trying to predict based on previous winning numbers will not work. Roulette at an online casino is also remarkably easy to play and another thing to remember is that there are no good or bad bets by which we mean that every bet pays out at odds commensurate with the number of numbers being backed so whether you place a single bet on two separate numbers or a double bet on a split the result is the same if you win. The number 36 is the key to roulette and it is this which enables all the different bets to be effectively equal; so backing 18 numbers as you would in a red or black bet or an odds or evens bet pays at even money but betting on 12 numbers such as a column pays at 2 to 1. Playing roulette at an online casino is very quick and most enjoyable so just place your bet and go for it.