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Playtech in the online casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-07-03 14:56:38

Although the business in hand is not directly related to online casinos a company in the general casino news recently most definitely is and that company is Playtech who as you will know is one of the few online casino software companies. Playtech is in the online casino news for its attempt to take over another company called Plus500 which many Irish casino players will not have heard of as it is a company that enables punters to make high risk bets on the financial and currency markets. This may at first seem to be a strange marriage but as they are both online and requiring software it is maybe not so strange after all and the connection is gambling. has in the past suggested that playing the markets in this way is as much gambling as any online casino and of course some online casinos already offer the chance to place bets on markets or commodities. The takeover is in the casino news as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is examining the possible future owners before issuing a license and one major shareholder of Playtech has already been in prison for being involved in a financial scandal albeit some years ago. This in itself is interesting as online casino gambling requires a license issued by gambling authorities whereas financial gambling seems to be regulated by the FCA. Another interesting fact that is similar to online casinos is that it is estimated that out of the 90 some firms offering financial gambling fewer than 20 have licenses issued by the FCA with the other being license elsewhere in Europe which enables them to operate in the UK. Online casinos have similar arrangements. This is going to be an interesting saga and will attempt to keep Irish casino players up to date through these casino news pages.