Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Plenty of online casino choices in Ireland

By mr-casino on 2016-07-31 15:21:14

Ireland is pretty advanced in IT technologies so it comes as no surprise that when considering an online casino Ireland has one of the largest choices around. There are some countries that try to restrict online casinos such as America and there are others such as The Netherlands that encourage online casino play but only at the state owned casinos. This is despite European regulations that prevent such non competitive behaviour. Irish online casinos on the other hand suffer from no such restriction and in fact the country probably has the most lax and outdated laws surrounding gambling in general of any country. This is good from one point of view as it allows a competitive situation to exist but on the other hand it is possible for online casinos to exist and operate which are not properly licensed and operated. can help in this case as it has investigated a number of online casinos to make sure that they are bone fide and has listed them as recommendations for you to try. There are in fact so many online casinos available to the Irish casino player that it would be unreasonable to list them all so the list is composed of a couple of larger online casinos with well known names together with some of the best small casinos that have excellent casino games. Small online casinos do not necessarily have to have a restricted number of casinos games as it all depends on which casino software they have elected to use so for example All Irish Casino which is one of the top recommendation uses casino software from NetEnt, or Net Entertainment to give them the correct name, which is one of the best and largest suppliers in the industry and which provides a huge range of casino games and casino slots. The two largest names in the Irish casino business are Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino and they are well known because of their presence on the high street but of course it is not at all necessary to have a high street presence to be in the online casino business. Even large names in the gambling world such as 888, who operate all over the world, have no betting shops anywhere.

The betting shop scene in Ireland might be about to change since the announced merger between Ladbrokes and Coral. The UK Competition and Markets Authority will not allow this merger to take place unless the group disposes of around 400 shops which clearly could affect the Ladbrokes shops in Ireland. It is known that Irish bookmaker BoyleSports has shown interest but general belief is that BetFred might be the eventual winner. This could mean we see BetFred shops on Irish streets although nothing is yet settled. BetFred was in the casino news recently for paying some €1 million as compensation after the anti money laundering and social responsibility procedures were called into question. Online casinos have strict regulations to prevent money laundering which is why new players sometimes have to answer what seem personal questions but in this case one of the top high rollers at the online betting company was found to have been funding his online play by taking money from his employer. None of this affects the online casino business as betting shops are engaged in sports gambling rather than casino gambling. The land based casino business and the online casino business are usually quite separate and of course a true casino Ireland does not have despite attempts over a number of years to create a casino and entertainment complex. One of the biggest names in the land based casino business is Genting and they have casinos in several countries including the Far East but there is no online casino business at all. The final choice of online casino for any new player will come down to a number of factors which will include such things as the casino games available and sometimes people can be attracted by the casino bonus which is available to new players only. These casino bonuses for new players at online casinos should be treated with caution as it is not simply a question of getting free money. Any bonus money is placed into a bonus account rather than your playing account and certain conditions must be met before that money can be taken out as profits. These conditions demand that you stake the money received as a bonus (and sometimes your own deposit money as well) a number of times on certain games such as casino slots before any withdrawal can be made. This number can often be thirty or forty times which makes actually getting hold of that cash very difficult. You are of course effectively playing for free when using the bonus money but there are alternatives. One of the online casinos that really likes is called No Bonus Casino and they do not award any bonus to new players. They have instead a system which is available to all players all the time which gives cash back to losers. It works as follows:- If you make a deposit into your online casino account and manage to lose all that deposit in the same day then the online casino will refund 10% of your losses the very next day. You do not need to apply for the refund and you are free to do whatever you like with it including taking it from your account if you so wish. You can work out for yourself whether a one off for life bonus with restrictions is better than a money back offer if you lose with no restrictions. No Bonus Casino also uses NetEnt casino software so it has no shortage of casino games and entertainment waiting for you. There is of course no need to restrict yourself to a single online casino anyway as registration is always free so even if you are an existing casino player at a different online casino there is nothing to stop you trying something new and different.