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Poker player accused of cheating at Atlantic city casino

By mr-casino on 2014-05-01 16:33:20

The casino news appears to be full of the well known poker player Phil Ivey accused of cheating at baccarat which he of course denies. According to various reports in the casino news Mr Ivey used a tactic called edge sorting to win nearly $10 million from the Borgata Hotel casino in Atlantic City. For those Irish casino players who are not familiar with the term it means that the cards have small defects on their edges which can be spotted and allow a player to guess what the next card might be which is obviously important when playing baccarat. Baccarat is of course rather unique in that although the player does not touch any of the cards the casino player is able to back either of the two hands to win meaning that it would be possible to actively bet on every deal. This is not the first time that Mr Ivey has been in the casino news for cheating as Crockfords casino in London has also withheld winnings from him whilst accusing him of the same edge sorting. Needless to say, being America, the card manufacturer Gemaco is also involved in the lawsuit for failing to supply cards that were free from visible defects. Online casinos have no such problems so if you want to win at baccarat at your online casino you will have to be lucky. In other casino news a wealthy business tycoon from Singapore is being chased by the Ritz casino in London after allegedly having a gambling spree of several million pounds which was paid for by a cheque in Singapore dollars which subsequently bounced. According to news reports in the casino news the bank which was the RBS returned the cheque saying that the account on which the cheque was drawn had been closed for more than a year before being presented.