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Poker player does not get his casino winnings

By mr-casino on 2014-10-28 15:46:39

The Phil Ivey question has been around the casino news recently and more detail is emerging about how he managed to win a vast amount of money at Crockfords casino in London last year. Unfortunately the London court has decided that what he did was illegal and the money which he won will not be arriving in his bank account. Mr Ivey claimed that the casino did not have to agree to his various requests which now appear to have been a little strange. The game in question was Baccarat or Punto Banco which is also played at nearly all online casinos and it is a very simple game where the player has the chance to bet on which of the two hands dealt will win. You might think that this gives very little opportunity for anybody to influence the result but if you can identify the top card in the shoe simply from the back of the cards then you stand a better chance. This technique cannot be used at an online casino but it is an interesting story nevertheless and demonstrates what lengths a casino will go to to try and accommodate a high roller such as Mr Ivey. Firstly he specified which brand of cards should be used as he knew that Angel branded cards could sometimes have a slight flaw in the symmetrical pattern on the back. According to the casino news reports several decks were discarded before he found the correct deck with a flaw on one edge of the cards. What happens next is even more incredulous when he requested that strong cards such as the sevens, eights and nines were reversed in the shoe which of course meant that they could be differentiated from other cards by the flaw being on the other edge of the deck. The casino agreed to his request and of course he eventually won. Baccarat is a great online casino game but even if you are gambling millions you will not find any making on the cards.