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Poker with limited risk at online casino let it ride

By mr-casino on 2014-10-20 09:12:25

It is possible to try your luck at poker without risking coming up against better players and losing all your money but it is only available at online casinos and it is called let it ride poker or sometimes just let it ride for short. The online casino version of let it ride is played against the house but the house does not have a hand so all you need to do is form a 5 card poker hand of a pair of tens or better and if you can do that you win and better hands will pay out at better odds than one to one. The unique feature of online casino let it ride is the way in which your stake on the hand is constructed. At the start of the game you must place three bets of equal value which is then your maximum exposure after which three cards are dealt to you with another two cards being face down on the table. All online casinos follow the same pattern of play. With the knowledge that you now possess you must decide your chances of achieving a pair of tens or better and act accordingly by either withdrawing one of your bets or letting it ride which is where the name of this online casino poker game comes from. After your decision the first of the face down cards is revealed so that you can now see four of the five cards and once again you can either remove one of your bets or let it ride which means that you have had two chances to remove bets after which the fifth card is revealed and winners are paid. To play let it ride at an online casino is great fun and although you place three bets at the beginning you can choose to play for one or two or all three bets on each hand.