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Possible new casino complex in Florida

By mr-casino on 2011-11-01 11:38:36

With the continued ban on online casinos in the United States it appears that more states are looking to boost their finances as in the general casino news this month we hear that Florida is looking to pass legislation to allow super casinos. There are few places in the USA where large casinos are present and with the current economic problems it could be that many people are put off by the cost of travelling huge distances to such places as Las Vegas so it is no surprise that it appears in casino news that Florida wants part of the action. Florida is in the casino news for creating a Department of Gaming Control and a State Gaming Commission which would in turn open the way for issuing licenses for large casinos on the scale of Las Vegas and indeed there are a number of interested parties which include both the Malaysian Genting Group, known for their massive Sentosa resort in Singapore, and Las Vegas Sands. General casino news learns that the legislation is being proposed by two Republican members Erik Fresen and Ellyn Bogdanoff who see Florida as an ideal place with millions of residents as well as a thriving tourist industry and are backed by Genting Group who estimate a possible $600 million in gaming income per year and up to 100,000 jobs including construction of a multibillion dollar resort. The bill in the casino news also tries to attract top casino operators by issuing licenses for much less than in other parts of the country (some news reports suggest $50 million versus $500 million) and by reducing the rate of tax to 10%. Las Vegas Sands representative’s interest is shown by a statement in which they state “Now that the legislation has been filed, we look forward to working with legislators to provide information about the benefits of integrated resorts and the need for a strict regulatory structure to ensure that Florida attracts the top operators,” Needless to say not everybody is in favour as also in the casino news is an organization known as “Stop Predatory Gambling” who quote the situation in Las Vegas which has very high unemployment..