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Privacy of online casino players can be an issue

By mr-casino on 2011-03-18 12:38:20

Online casino games players as a general rule prefer to keep what they are doing private although it is a well known fact that a big win will often entice people to talk about it when a large loss would not be mentioned but making the wrong choice of casino deposit options could compromise this privacy. The online casinos themselves, or at least those that we list here at, all have security measures in place and they would never divulge any of your personal details but there are other methods for others to find out what you are doing. If for example you choose to use a credit card, the transaction will appear on your credit card statement and online casinos do not usually disguise their names and indeed why should they? If you elect to use a debit card then the bank issuing your debit card will have detail of the transaction which may or may not be a problem but there are ways around the issue such as the use of an e-wallet. An e-wallet is a special form of account which is used exclusively for making online purchases and an online casino deposit is exactly that; your bank will only know that you have made an online purchase but will have no idea what; the e-wallet company knows but they will also keep it confidential although your online statement may include the name of the recipient. The only really successful way of making an online casino deposit in complete privacy is to walk into a bookmakers shop and deposit cash over the counter and the process can be reversed for withdrawal of winnings but if privacy is not that much of an issue there is a good choice of deposit methods..