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Quirke family in the Irish Casino News

By mr-casino on 2013-06-23 08:37:15

It seems that the Quirke family are back in the Irish casino news again this time for having a huge VAT tax bill. The last time the family was in the Irish casino news it was father Richard who was proposing to build a massive casino complex at Two-Mile Borris which was reported in the Irish casino news on these pages at; the complex was to include a White House replica as well as a 500 bedroom hotel and the inevitable casino but it would seem that all has gone quiet on that front despite Mr Quirke having some formidable backers. Mr Quirke senior is well known for shunning publicity and when asked in the Irish casino news media where all the visitors were going to come from it was none other than Michael Lowry who reminded the press that Mr Quirke was a businessman who was under no obligation whatsoever to answer any questions about his business. The family has been involved in casinos for many years being the owners of Dr Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium which is basically slot machines and they have made a tidy family fortune from it. You will of course realize, if you read pages regularly, that it promotes online casino slots rather than other slots as those at online casinos often have considerably better payout percentages and of course the jackpots are going to be much larger. One of the two sons, Wesley, has also been in the Irish casino news with wedding bells in the air as he recently became engaged to daughter of Chris De Burgh and former Miss World Rosanna Davison. There is nothing in the Irish casino news about a date but with a family fortune estimated to be around €34 million a location should not be a problem.