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Read the small print of an online casino bonus

By mr-casino on 2014-02-04 10:36:09

Irish casino players love to get something for nothing and if you read the advertising which several online casinos have to attract new players you would think that something for nothing was available everywhere but the truth is of course different. is talking here about bonuses which are available to new registrations at online casinos and other online gambling sites. The worst offenders are probably the online poker sites whose bonus rules are very complicated to follow and even at an online casino it pays to read the small print to avoid disappointment. A casino bonus is usually free so there is no danger as such in accepting it and if the worst comes to the worst you will be no worse off than you were and you will probably have played for longer than you would otherwise so hopefully more enjoyment. The disappointment will come when you think you have won and want to withdraw some of the cash; this is the time when you read about the play through requirements and find out that in order to withdraw cash you have to have staked the bonus amount 30 or 40 times or even more and you may even find at some online casinos that you amount you can win using bonus money is also restricted. Casino bonuses are great but not a reason to sign up to an online casino; what is far more important is whether you like the online casino and the choice of games which is on offer after all a bonus is  one off whereas the online casino we hope will provide hours of entertainment. There is an alternative to a casino bonus at a small but excellent online casino known as No Bonus Casino. At this online casino they give a 5% cash back if you have made a deposit and lost it all and the cash back is yours to do with as you wish.