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Roulette is a good online casino game for new players

By mr-casino on 2013-11-28 15:25:34

Even if you know nothing about casino games you can play roulette which is probably why it remains one of the most popular games ever at online casinos and land based casinos alike and as long as you have an honest croupier to work out your winnings (all automatic at an online casino) you do not even need to know the payouts. There are three basic forms of roulette which are French, European and American and the first two are pretty much identical but watch out for American roulette as your winning chances are less than with the other two. This stems from the fact that America roulette which is played at some online casinos has two separate zero segments (known as 0 and 00) as well as the normal 36 numbers so instead of having a 1 in 37 chance of a single number coming up it becomes 1 in 38 and if you are a backer of low risk such as red/black or odd/even the effect is even more dramatic. Apart from that nothing can be more simple than casino roulette as all you do is place your bets on the number or numbers where you think the ball might end up and wait and see what happens. There is no strategy in roulette and past numbers have absolutely no influence on what the next number might be despite some believing that it does; roulette is a casino game of pure luck. Playing roulette also has the advantage that there are no good or bad types of bet so whether you back a row of three numbers or three individual numbers the odds paid mean that you and up with the same amount of money if you win and the same applies to all the different types of bets on the board. If you are new to online casino play then roulette is as good a choice as any other casino game.