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Roulette is a great introduction to the online casino world

By mr-casino on 2011-08-11 16:14:08

Of all the casino games that are available at an online casino today there are two which remain firm favourites and they are roulette and blackjack. To play blackjack you need to have some idea about what is going on but to play roulette you need only know how to place your bets on the table as there is no strategy and no skill; roulette is a game of pure luck and this is possibly what makes it so popular. In a land based casino you need to know what colour your roulette chips are as other players with different colour chips will be placing bets on the same table and even on top of your chips; this is no problem as the croupier will sort it out when the spin is completed but still you need to be watchful as roulette croupiers do make mistakes and can remove winning chips by accident. If this happens to you just point it out to the croupier where you think your chips were on the roulette table and if necessary they can check the film footage from the cameras over every table. To play online roulette is much simpler as you will be the only person placing chips on the table and the computer which pays out the winnings does not make mistakes. The next attractive thing about playing roulette is that you can play a high risk high reward game or a low risk low reward game or anything in between. A high risk roulette game is playing single numbers which pays out at odds of 35:1 so betting on one single number has a 1 in 37 chance of coming up (remember there are numbers 1 through 36 plus a zero) and you will end up with 36 chips (35 winnings plus your stake). If you want lower risk then place bets on more than one number either as single numbers or in pairs or groups or columns, the permutations are endless. If you have never tried to play roulette it is a great introduction to the online casino world..