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Roulette is the most flexible online casino game

By mr-casino on 2011-03-24 08:20:44

There can be fewer online casino games that are more flexible in terms of how much you want to gamble than Roulette. It is not just a question of what the minimum and maximum stakes are of the roulette table at which you are playing but also a question of whether you want to play a high risk high reward game or a low risk low reward game. The idea of roulette is to predict where the ball will land on a spinning wheel with 37 numbers. The 37 numbers are zero plus 1 through36 and 18 of them are black and 18 of them are red; it should be noted that the zero on a roulette table is generally green in colour but it is never either red or black. In a low risk roulette game gamblers will place bets on either red or black or on odd or even; a bet on red is predicting that the ball will drop on one of the 18 red numbers whereas a bet on odd is predicting that the ball will drop on one of the 18 odd numbers. In either of these bets if you win you will be paid at odds of 1:1 or in other words you double your money. The chances of an odd or a red number coming up at roulette are nearly 50/50 so payout at even money is very good; it is only nearly 50/50 because if the zero number comes up this is neither odd nor even nor red nor black so all these bets will lose. At the other end of the scale is betting on a single number where clearly your chances of winning are much less (1 in 37 to be exact) but if you do win the odds are 35:1. The good thing about single number betting on roulette is that you can effectively set your own odds by how many single numbers you bet on in a single spin; you can also combine any number of bets so for example you can bet on red and on even and on a few single numbers all in the same spin of the roulette wheel; no casino game is more flexible..