Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Royal Slots is an online casino specialising in casino slots

By mr-casino on 2018-11-06 13:37:32

There are very many Irish casino players who enjoy the thrill of playing casino slots at their favourite online casino and with most online casinos offering a selection of sometimes hundreds of slots it can be quite difficult to choose a favourite. Some online casino players inadvertently restrict their choice of casino slots by remaining with their online provider of sports gambling but there are specialist online casinos out there which provide a much greater choice. For example a recent addition to the fold can be found at which is not only an online casino specialist but also a casino slots specialist. Royal Slots must have one of the most diverse range of casino slots around as it uses no less than 14 casino software suppliers on the site ranging from the well known ones such as NetEnt to smaller companies such as Bally which you have probably never heard of. By bringing these smaller companies to market Royal Slots is demonstrating that small does not mean inferior in any way, it simple means that they have fewer titles in the line up. Bally, for example has only 10 casino slots on the site but they include well known titles from the movies such as Titanic and Wonder Woman.

Although Royal Slots is a casino slots specialist it also caters for those players who, although principally slots players, also enjoy other casino games as well. There is a good line up of blackjack games along with Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Punto Banco and even Pontoon and Red Dog. Unfortunately the online casino does not make it as easy as it might to find these games but if you use the Game Studios tab and scroll down to NetEnt you can find all those games at the bottom of the page under all the casino slots. It is actually much easier to find the various live casino games which include Blackjack and Baccarat but strangely enough no Roulette. The strength of this online casino remains however the enormous range of casino slots some of which cannot be found elsewhere unless they also use the same small casino software companies. If there is a drawback to Royal Slots it is the fact that free play is not available but even this can be got around depending on the slot you wish to try. For example any NetEnt casino slot can be trialled at All Irish Casino for free and you can then revert to Royal Slots if you so wish. This lack of  a free play option could be part of the reason that All Irish Casino features above Royal Slots in the recommended list.

Of the casino software available at Royal Slots, really likes Thunderkick and in particular the slot called Birds on a Wire™. This slot features birds sitting on high voltage wires in the normal pattern of five by three but until a winning combination is achieved the wires are harmless. Once a winning combination is achieved, however, the wires become live and all birds in that winning combination are electrocuted and disappear in a puff of feathers. If this all sounds a bit sadistic don’t worry; the birds bear no resemblance to any real bird as they are all cartoon types either being heavily overweight which would make flying impossible or in very weird shapes. One even manages to fly around with a paper bag over its head. After this, the vacant spaces left by the departed birds are filled with other birds flying in and at the same time a win multiplier ticks over to 2X. Should the new formation result in a different win the process repeats but of course the second in pays double the normal odds. This can repeat a number of times until the win multiplier reaches 5X. This casino slot is also available at other online casinos including All Irish Casino where the Thunderkick casino software is also used.

Another favourite casino slot is Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ which have the same operating principles but with different characters. Both of these casino slots have a trademarked feature called Sticky Wins™ which can turn a very moderate win into something quite substantial very quickly. In this feature as the name suggest the wins are sticky which means that they stick around. To explain that better, when a win is achieved, which can be as small as three symbols, all symbols not in that win are spun again to see if the win can be improved upon. This is enabled by the fact that all symbols are free to move independently from each other rather than being fixed onto one of three reels. Should the original win be improved upon or indeed a fresh win achieved then the process repeats itself again and again until the win is no longer improved after which the highest win pays out. There are of course wilds to help you along and a free spins game where all wins are tripled. It takes a minimum of five free spins symbols to enter the free spins game but remember that just three will trigger the Sticky Wins™ feature so five could be easily reached.

There are so many online casinos today that use just a single casino software company to power the games but there are also those that use different ones to expand the choice substantially. Royal Slots was established as a slots specialist and as such has probably the largest number of casino slots on a single site. There are also all sorts of bonuses on offer at the moment for new registrations including matching bonuses for your first four deposits. Fortunately existing customers are not forgotten and every Monday there are free spins to be had for everybody on deposits into their casino account. Bonus money needs to be staked 40 times before any winnings can be withdrawn but the online casino goes to great lengths to explain that this only applies to the bonus funds and of course the bonus is not automatic just in case you do not wish to receive it.