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Security in the online casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-11-12 10:43:17

Computer hacking is in the casino news recently and everybody has good cause to be a little cautious but the good news is that as online casinos have been an obvious target for a number of years their data protection is likely to be some of the best around and certainly any of the online casinos listed on this site come into that category. Most banks and other financial institutions use what is known as a 128 bit SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layer which is very difficult to break and a number of online casinos use exactly the same systems but of course any system is only as safe as your passwords so make sure that yours are as difficult as possible with the maximum number of digits and of course keep it safe. An online casino is obliged to ask you a number of questions when you first register in an attempt to counter money laundering and establish that you are who you say you are but you can limit what they have by for example not using a credit card for your online casino deposits but instead using an e-wallet. The tiny country of Malta is also in the casino news this week having hosted an iGaming summit last week for the second time. Malta is a very interesting country for online casinos and other online gambling activities as there are an astonishing 300 companies registered on the island engaged in the gaming business with somewhere near 450 licenses issued and indeed three of the online casinos that recommends to Irish casino players are registered there. The infrastructure for an online casino in terms of support and licensing has been  in place for some time and with little or no natural resources the government of Malta sees online gambling as a good source of income.