Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Select an online casino that suits your style of casino play

By mr-casino on 2017-06-24 14:09:14

Here at we realise that there is a terrific choice of online casinos available to Irish casino players and that sometimes help might be needed, especially for new casino players, to select one at which to play. Personal choice plays a major role in the selection of an online casino as the layout of each site and the casino games available are often quite different but it is important to know that you are at last in a safe place where the casino games are played honestly. There are certain clues as to whether an online casino might be a good place such as, for example, whether the casino is licensed to operate and where that license has been issued. In the UK they have their own licensing requirement but in Ireland we are dependent on licenses issued by other European countries but some of the online casinos available are not even licensed in Europe. There are a number of centres of excellence for online gaming where licenses can be issued to companies operating in the EU and they include countries such as Malta or Gibraltar along with certain Channel Islands and even the Isle of Man. All the casinos listed at are correctly licensed to operate in Ireland and most of them also have UK licenses enabling them to operate in the UK as well.

After that it is advisable to look at the casino software which is being used by the online casino you are interested in. There are a number of casino software companies ranging from large to small which are well established and offer an honest gaming opportunity. The larger ones are Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech although there are others such as NXT or Amanet which are also very good. This list is not exhaustive as there are several other casino software companies but often they are smaller and will therefore not be used exclusively by an online casino but rather as a part of the whole. Some online casinos prefer to have only one casino software supplier while others such as have a main supplier (in this case NetEnt) but add others to complete the range. All Irish casino has recognised that although NetEnt has some pretty impressive slots jackpots it is Microgaming which operates those which regularly run into the multiple millions of Euro and therefore the NetEnt range of video slots has been subsidised by a small range of the Microgaming jackpot slots. On the other side of the coin there is which uses exclusively Amanet casino software but this is for a different reason. Amanet has been in the casino slots business for a long time but is not a well known name as the slots they operate were always the cabinet style found in pubs and clubs and casinos. Several of these slot games are extremely popular and it was decided to bring them to the online casino market but rather than try to convince existing online casinos to try the games they worked together with an existing online casino operator to create a new online casino called dedicated to Amanet slots games. This has the disadvantage that only Amanet casinos slots are available so if you don’t like them you will go to another online casino but also the advantage that if you do like them there is only one place to play them.

Some online casino games can be found in several online casinos and the reason for that is simple that there are fewer casino software companies than online casinos so there is bound to be some repetition and in fact it is very possible to find online casinos that look very similar to each other in many aspects. This should not be considered a problem and in certain circumstances it can be a positive advantage. Such is the case with progressive jackpot slots. The really large progressive jackpots are controlled by the casino software supplier rather than the online casino which you have chosen and every spin contributes a tiny amount to the jackpot. If several online casinos have the same casino software they will also possibly carry the same casino slot which in turn means that more than one online casino is contributing to the jackpot. Clearly the more online casinos that carry the jackpot game the more spins will take place in any given time frame and the quicker the jackpot will build up.

The final piece of the puzzle that will determine which of the many online casinos you choose is simply where you feel comfortable. Any of the online casinos listed at the site are suitable for Irish casino players but there are larger ones and smaller ones. The best known names are probably Paddy power Casino and Ladbrokes Casino as they are names which are recognised from the High Street and advertising albeit that much of the advertising is targeting sports gambling rather than online casino play but just because they offer a complete range of sports gambling does not necessarily make them have a good online casino. There are specialists in the online casino market such as the already mentioned All Irish Casino or No Bonus Casino or Freespins Casino that are a lot smaller but have all the casino games you could wish for. Smaller companies often have more time to offer their players unique bonuses and to treat their players as valued customers rather than simply a player number which makes them attractive to many. All Irish Casino for example often has midweek bonuses which apply to any player that makes a deposit on a Wednesday and they advise players by e-mail that the promotion is available. No Bonus Casino as you may have guessed from the name does not offer any bonuses at all but possibly has a more attractive offer for some players in money back if you lose. At least by going for these smaller specialist online casinos there can often be more fun than sticking with the big boys but clearly the choice is yours.