Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Select your online casino with care

By mr-casino on 2011-09-16 09:32:21

It is a strange phenomenon that when a player wins at an online casino there are no questions asked but when a player loses the honesty and the integrity of the online casino is questioned and it is here that tries to help Irish players by recommending that they only play at those online casinos that we list here on our site ( and that we know are trustworthy. does not operate an online casino so all the online casinos that we list (and there are only six) are independent companies so whichever one of those you use is up to you even though we have a top three which we think offer more choice but importantly all six are very honest online casinos and have all the certifications in place which are needed for your peace of mind. Most of the online casinos recommended by are also listed companies which means that any deliberate fraud would be a very high risk and a course which they would never embark upon; they are also mostly members of other independent organisations such as e-COGRA whose sole purpose is to ensure a fair gaming environment. Fair play is of course not the only consideration when registering at an online casino; you also want to know that your data is safe and secure and here again is confident that those online casinos that we list fit the bill. Personal information should never be passed on to third parties but we know there are likely to be rogue traders out there who are willing to sell your information for a fee not to mention banking details such as credit card information. Here at we want you to enjoy your gambling so do not take more risk than you need to; stay with any of our listed online casinos..