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Set your own risk and reward with online casino roulette

By mr-casino on 2014-09-04 11:34:49

It is interesting that online casinos and land based casinos do not seem to follow the same pattern of popular choices of casino games and that could be down to the fact that online casino play tends to be carried out by someone on their own whereas land based casinos often entertain groups of people out for the night. This could mean that solo players go for casino games such as slots where there is little interaction with other players but groups tend to go for casino games such as roulette where several players are involved at any one time. Roulette is very popular for those on a night out because it is so simple to play and even for those who are new to online casinos and want a change from casino slots often go for the roulette wheel. Strangely enough some people find the layout of the roulette table confusing because there are so many betting options with singles, splits, rows, columns etc but to play roulette and win all you need is a bit of luck as you can happily bet on red or black or odd or even the whole time but it is unlikely that you will make any real money unless your stakes are quite high. The good thing about gambling on roulette is that you decide yourself what risk you want to take and the rewards are higher the more risk you take so for example a single number at roulette will pay out at odds of 35 to 1 but a column of 12 numbers only pays at 2 to 1. Incidentally if you had bet on 12 different numbers instead of a column the net result of a win would be exactly the same which shows the attraction as there are no good or bad bets on roulette. The only thing to avoid if possible is American roulette as they slip in a double zero which means that there are now 38 numbers possible instead of 37 at European roulette. At online casinos you can avoid American roulette so you are advised to do so.