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Several casinos use the same casino software

By mr-casino on 2016-01-21 09:43:42

There are a number of online casinos that look amazingly similar such as and and the reason is that they all use the same casino software. You may also notice a very distinct similarity between Bet365 casino and Betfred casino as they also use the same casino software albeit different from the first four examples. There is really nothing strange about this as there are far more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers and no online casino of any repute writes their own casino software as it is too specialised. There is also nothing wrong with several online casinos using the same casino software and in fact it can be an advantage when it comes to progressive jackpots such as can be found at casino slots games as the more online casinos there are contributing to the jackpots the quicker they build. Using the same casino software and therefore the same casino games as another online casino means that there needs to be something else to attract players to a particular online casino and so online casinos such as no bonus casino does not give new players a bonus but instead has cash back promotions for all players regardless of long they have been playing at the online casino. In a similar vein free sons casino gives a number of free spins for every deposit by every player every time. It is of course important that you like the online casino games at your chosen online casino and for that reason the casino software is important but whether you actually know the name of the casino software supplier is probably not so important which is why some online casinos do not even mention which supplier is being used while others make no secret of the information.