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Simple craps bets at the online casino

By mr-casino on 2015-11-18 15:18:31

One of the more unusual casino games to be found at online casinos is Craps and although it is very frequently found at land based casinos in the USA it does not seem to be that popular in Irish casino circles. That is rather a shame as online casino craps can be a very simple game to play and with multiple throws of the dice to determine a winner can also be quite exciting. Another good thing about online casino craps is that the player can bet on any result so even though the number 7 is statistically most likely to be the result of two dice thrown you can bet on it. To play craps at its simplest at an online casino you can bet on ether the “pass line” or the “don’t pass line” which are areas on the craps table. The dice are then thrown and if the two dice total is 7 or 11 then the pass line bet wins straightaway but conversely if the total is 2,3 or 12 the bet loses. The other side of this bet is the don’t pass line bet which wins immediately on a throw of 2 or 3 (known as craps) but loses immediately on 7 or 11 with 12 returning your money in a push. Any other thrown number in online casino craps sets what is known as the point and then there are successive throws until either the point number is thrown again or a seven is thrown. It is a race to see which of those comes up first. Your original pass line bets wins if the point comes first and loses if the 7 comes first and vice versa for the don’t pass line bet. There are more complicated bets that can be placed and most online casinos carry instruction for those but to get started playing craps these simple bets are enough.