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Slots are the most common form of casino play

By mr-casino on 2011-05-23 07:21:06

In any of the casinos of Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter the most common form of casino play is slots and particularly in Las Vegas you will find them just about everywhere from hotel lobby to the bar. In an online casino they are not quite so “in your face” but there is nevertheless a huge choice of casino slots from which to choose. Slots have of course been around for a very long time but they have advanced considerably from the 3 reel one winning line mechanically operated fruit machines into full electronic machines capable of delivering virtually any number of winning lines from up to 5reels; the most we know about at the moment is on Ladbrokes slots which is called “Arctic Fortune” which has a possible winning 1024 lines which if you had to check them all your self would take a little while. What makes slots so popular however is that there is a wide choice of reels and winning combinations plus slots require no skill at all to play, it is a question of pure luck and with the coming of music and popular film and character themes it adds a bit of fun. Online casino slots can be played with very small stakes per line, often as small as 1 Euro cent which means you can adjust your stake by the number of lines you play and there are massive progressive jackpots to be won often reaching into millions of Euro although your stakes per line will need to be at the maximum to win that sort of money. All online casinos that you will find on this site have a very good choice of casino slots and if the casinos share the same software you will often find the same slot on more than one casino site. Play casino slots for free for a while to see which machine you prefer but above all enjoy the experience..