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Small online casinos are never in casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-10-23 09:26:49

After all the announcements in the general casino news about who is buying who in the online casino industry it all seems to have gone quiet probably because competition regulators are looking at the impact on consumers but also because announcements are often made before the full due diligence is done. Online casinos and online gambling in general is big business these days and there is no suggestion in the casino news that it is about to become anything but larger still but it is not always the larger players in the online casino industry which deserve the praise even though they are usually the ones in the casino news. There are a couple of online casinos on the site which are never in the casino news but just quietly get on with the business of offering excellent entertainment to Irish casino players. In particular All Irish Casino is attracting plenty of new players who are enjoying the NetEnt casino software and No Bonus Casino which uses the same software is popular with those players who do not like the idea of giving bonuses to new players only. No Bonus casino is the only online casino that we know of which offers cash back to all players if they lose a complete deposit in a day and yet they are not in the news unless you read these pages at Ladbrokes and Coral may be working out what they need to do to satisfy regulators but more important is how they are going to offer an improved experience to customers in their combined online casinos and the same might apply to Paddy Power casino and 888 casino. If the trend continues there will be only two or three big players trying to corner the market but the hope is that the smaller online casinos will prosper giving people a choice.