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Some councils might look at a casino to boost regeneration

By mr-casino on 2012-03-20 10:34:42

In the current financial situation it is not only Irish councils that are looking to raise revenue as we hear in the general casino news that little known Bognor Regis in England is looking at the possibility or at least not discounting the possibility of opening a casino in the town. Bognor Regis is probably best known for the being the location of a Butlins holiday camp and a summer seaside resort for many English people in the south of the country but whether a casino is what they need brought mixed opinions in the casino news from the licensing committee. Most people are aware that online casinos are proving more and more popular but whether this translates into more money for councils is still the big question and we know from the efforts to start a large Irish casino that has been in the casino news recently that it is not plain sailing. Councillor Barbara Oakley was adamant that the council should keep an open mind about a casino by saying “We should not be slamming the door on this idea. It certainly needs to be discussed by the regeneration committee” and as the Butlins presence is very important for the town she added that it might be beneficial for them as a casino might appeal to a number of their customers. It has also been reported in the general casino news that such a casino development could provide employment for up to 200 people which would be very welcome in the battle for regeneration. Bognor Regis cannot be considered that important for the Irish casino players but then if you live in the East of the country a quick ferry trip could provide a good weekend of entertainment especially if local hotels could provide beneficial rates. We do not believe in the general casino news that Bognor is anywhere close to starting the project but it does show that casinos and online casinos are attracting attention..