Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Some online casinos use multiple casino software companies

By mr-casino on 2019-02-14 15:34:42

There are many factors which make people choose one online casino over another and one of the worst reasons is apathy which in effect means reluctance to try something new or different. This is especially true of those who have had an online sports gambling account for a number of years and who without thinking automatically use the same provider’s online casino. For Irish casino players this is very typical as there are 2 very large and well known online gambling firms of which Paddy Power is one. Many Paddy Power customers will automatically use Paddy Power casino without a second thought and there is nothing wrong with that as Paddy Power casino is one of the better online casinos around. It even features on the recommended list at but in the opinion of that casino portal it is not the best and one of the reasons is casino software. Paddy Power casino has a complete range of casinos games, as you would expect, but they use exclusively Playtech casino software which does provide a good range of casino slots including some pretty impressive jackpots. Playtech is one of the larger casino software suppliers along with others such as MIcrogaming and NetEnt but there are online casinos that use several casino software companies simultaneously thus giving a much larger choice of casino slots. All casino software has the regular table games of roulette and blackjack so when playing those games it doesn’t really make that much difference which casino software is being used unless you want a particular variation. Casino slots, on the other hand, are very different.

Playtech casino software as featured at Paddy Power does offer what could be considered a large range of casino slots and indeed the number is approaching 200 but other online casinos that use a combination of casino software often have several hundred slots to choose from. The online casinos that use the combination approach are often specialist casinos that do not enter into the field of sports gambling at all, preferring instead to put all their efforts into casino gambling. For Irish casino players has selected a few of these for your consideration so it is worth taking a look. Most of them will allow you to look around and even play the casino games for free without needing to register an account. The top three recommendations all fall into this category and there is very little to choose between them but they each have different interesting points. To prove the point about casino software restricting choice has approaching 600 casino slots in the slots or the video slots sections and the fact that they are split into two sections is also very helpful as it enables players to make a choice between complicated or simpler slots. There are online casino players who enjoy casino slots but who like to be able to follow what is going on and with slots that have masses of winning lines combined with wilds and bonus spins etc this can be hard to do. Of course it is possible to work it out but by the time that has happened the slot has already awarded the money and moved on. Some of the casino slots in the slots section at however use only old fashioned fruit symbols possible combined with bars and some have few winning lines but the favourite way to make it easy is at slots such as All Ways Fruits™. At this casino slot there are 5 reels but each reel only has three symbols and there are no patterns of winning lines as matching symbols anywhere on a reel is a win as long as it is from left to right. Get into the free spins and even this requirement disappears as three of the same symbols anywhere is a win. Try it and see what is meant.

That leads us to Fun Casino which is another online casino that uses multiple casino software. The choice of casino slots is not so large as at but still larger than at a single casino software user such as Paddy Power. Again there is a useful split between video slots and slots and many of the same games are available in the slots section as there are at Fun Casino focuses on keeping online casino play fun not only by offering a selection of fun slots from casino software company NetEnt such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ but also by doing their best to make sure that players are playing with cash that they can afford to lose. This is accomplished by offering a number of ways in which players can restrict themselves and these parameters must be set when registering an account. It is clear that it is only the individual players that can set effective limits and they are invited to do so in terms of maximum deposits in a given time frame, bet limits or wager size or even the length of time that can be spent playing at the casino. At the end of the day players can also easily exclude themselves from the casino for a period of time or even permanently. All of this is designed to ensure that online casino play remains fun but Fun Casino goes one step further and introduces huse limits for those individuals who refuse to set their own limits.

No Bonus Casino is another casino with hundreds of casino slots that uses multiple casino software on the site but what differentiates this online casino from others is that there are no bonuses for new players. No Bonus Casino does not believe that new customers should be given better treatment than existing players so instead of awarding them a bonus it gives all players cash back if they lose. This might sound incredible but it is true. Any player who makes a deposit on any day and manages to lose the whole lot on the same day by playing any of the casino games will receive 10% cash back the next day. Sign up and see.