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South Korean casino signs up Mourinho

By mr-casino on 2014-06-10 08:45:51

An interesting development in the casino news this week is the fact that Jose Mourinho of Chelsea Football Club fame has a new job as well as being manager of Chelsea and that is as Brand Ambassador of Paradise Co which is South Korean casino operator. Online casinos are of course illegal in China as are actual casinos so the only chance the Chinese have of casino gambling, and they are very keen gamblers, is to go to a foreign country. Singapore and Macau are already popular destinations and South Korea itself has a number of casinos all but one of which are only open to foreigners but  the new casino will be placed near to Incheon which is the main international airport. Football has a growing following in China and Mourinho has become a familiar name so it is hoped that his backing will help persuade Chinese casino players to go to the new casino. Interestingly enough the development is a joint venture with the Japanese company Sega Sammy Holdings Inc and of course there are no casinos in Japan although that may be about to change. It was reported in the casino news recently that Prime Minister Abe visited two of the largest casinos in Singapore when on a visit to that city and as has been reported in this online casino portal it is known that Japan has been debating the opening of casinos to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as generally to increase tourism. It seems unlikely however that any relaxing of the rules which is forecast to be passed in parliament later this year will extend to online casinos so the Japanese people will have to visit the casino to gamble. It seems that the Asian countries are keen to have income from casinos which is of course not guaranteed if they are playing at an online casino operated from overseas.