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Spain changes the smoking laws for a casino complex

By mr-casino on 2013-06-15 11:12:22

Spain is in the general casino news this week for doing everything they can to make sure that a proposed casino complex in the town of Alcorcόn which is just outside Madrid gets the go ahead. The proposed development which is backed by wealthy businessman Sheldon Adelson would include 6 casinos and 12 hotels and would be a great boost to the fortunes of Spain which is suffering from unemployment which is running at over 25%. Opponents of the development say that casinos and a complex of this magnitude will attract the seedier elements of prostitution and other crime but the latest spat which is in the casino news is the way in which Spanish authorities are changing laws to accommodate Euro Vegas as it has been dubbed. The regional government of Madrid has already suggested that it is willing to change land zoning regulations as well as construction rules but the very latest being reported in the casino news is that they are thinking of overturning the National Anti smoking laws which would therefore allow at least certain areas of the casino to be a smoking area. In the opinion of this could also backfire as there will be people who do not like the idea of a smoky atmosphere and may well stay at home playing at an online casino instead. Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was at pains to say in the casino news that “no decision has been taken” but other members of his party seem to be more or less resigned to the fact that smoking will be allowed in the casinos in the country. If this does happen it will be interesting to see what happens to other public spaces such as bars where smoking is currently banned but full marks to the government for trying to tackle the unemployment issue.