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Stick to your online casino instead of FOBTs

By mr-casino on 2014-11-17 15:56:13

In the general casino news there are rumours surrounding what is known as the crack cocaine of gambling which are the fixed odds betting terminals which can be found in bookmakers in the UK and this casino news is so amusing it is worth reporting even though it does not affect Irish online casino players. There have long been rumours that have been reported here at as well as at other online casinos that visitors to bookmakers have been spending large amounts of cash in FOBTs as they are known which is predominately online roulette except the regular roulette odds are not guaranteed as they are at online casinos. In truth of course these machines are no worse than any online casino as far as the ability to place bets is concerned, in other words you can place bets every few seconds. So now the bookmakers are proposing to limit the amount of time a player can play or limit the losses before an enforced break must be taken. At any online casino every player can of course limit their losses by limiting the amount of deposits in a given time period and once established this can only be changed within a certain time frame. The idea which the bookmakers have come up with is to allow the player to set their own limits but if they don’t they will be subjected to the machine limits which will be 30 minutes of play or losses of £250 but what makes it ridiculous is that when the limit has been reached there will be a forced period when no bet can be placed which is reported in the casino news to be 30 seconds which is really going to stop people gambling. Fir Irish casino players this is not an issue but for our British readers just stick to your online casino.