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Still no casino regulator in Ireland

By mr-casino on 2016-05-30 16:23:37

The Irish casino news this week is concerned with the question of why, despite having access to plenty of online casinos, we have no regulated casinos in Ireland. The reason is actually quite simple and that is because there is no regulation body which can authorise anything. An online casino should be licensed and regulated in the geographical area from which it operates and makes sure that any of the recommended online casinos listed on their site do comply but when it comes to Irish casinos that are land based there is no regulation body. Back in 2013 Alan Shatter introduced the Gambling Control Bill which was intended to provide regulation for the gambling industry as a whole but that bill has never been passed leaving a void. There are something like 40 private members card clubs in Ireland where gambling takes place and it was the intention to issue around the same number of casino licenses but due to lack of legislation even well known and respected clubs such as the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club is not licensed. This whole issue has come to light once more due to the UK chain of casinos known as Aspers writing to the Ministry of Justice expressing an interest in opening a large casino in Ireland should legislation be introduced. Online casinos in the meantime are the answer to most Irish people who enjoy casino gambling and there are plenty to choose from. The Irish casino portal lists some of the better ones which are known to be correctly licensed and operated and gives a brief description to help you choose depending on whether you want a large impersonal online casino or a smaller friendlier one. The casino software in use also has a major influence on your level of enjoyment so this is also covered in the assessment.