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Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a fun and exciting table game to play. This is a model Five-Card Stud Poker with a small variation: one of cards of the dealer is always displayed. Players are required to compete against the dealer, instead of other players.

As the name suggests, Caribbean Stud Poker was first shaped and played in the Caribbean Islands. This casino table game is derived from the poker variant of the same name; 5 card stud poker. The game is considered to be a mix of poker and blackjack. The Caribbean Stud Poker was first played in the late 1980’s.  This was introduced in King International Casino. King International Casino was a branch of the Holiday inn Hotel. The casino was situated in Aruba, a small island in the Dutch Caribbean. The Holiday Inn hotel and Casino are still present today, but the casino is now called Excelsior Casino.

Due to its similarity to traditional stud poker, the Caribbean Stud Poker game has become extremely popular. However, unlike traditional five card stud poker, Caribbean Stud Poker is played against the casino and not against other players. As a result of its tremendous growth, It is now one of the most widespread table games that is played in almost all of the online casinos.It offers the players the chance to win hundreds of thousands in any given hand through the Caribbean Stud Poker. Caribbean Stud Poker is now –a-days played online as well. The online Caribbean Stud Poker is a very fashionable table game with great odds that requires a good strategy and planning in order to achieve any level of success. So it becomes important to learn the rules to play online.

How is Caribbean Stud Poker Played

Caribbean Stud Poker is a 5-card poker that places you up against the dealer. The goal of the game is to get a better hand than the dealer. Though your online casino offers a public Caribbean Stud Poker room, it is still only you against the dealer.

The game is initiated when the player places a wager called the ante.

The Caribbean Stud Poker game begins when you place an Ante bet, which permits you to get your five-card hand, face up. The dealer also receives a five-card hand, but merely one of the dealer’s cards is face up and all the other four will appear face down. The player must make a decision, by looking at his or her own hand and comparing it with the dealer’s single face-up card, whether he or she has a better hand than the dealer’s. If you believe that your hand is worse than the dealer’s, you can wind up by clicking on the Fold or Surrender button on your screen. Folding loses your ante bet. However if you are feeling confident, you can bet on your hand by clicking the Challenge button. The clicking will automatically double your Ante bet. When you decide to challenge the dealer, the dealer’s remaining four cards will be turned face up, and it will be time to evaluate the results.

However, one vital point that must not be forgotten is that in order to qualify for the challenge, it is imperative that the dealer’s hand must have an ace and a king. If it does not, the challenge is cancel out and the player gets a 1 to 1 payoff on the original ante bet. In case the dealer’s hand does meet the criteria, the hands are compared and you will either win or lose your challenge. In case both the hands are equal, it is a push, and you get your money back.


There are a number of different combinations of online Caribbean Stud Poker and the player’s hands produce different payoffs. It is important to check with your online casino for the exact payoffs offered. There are three pay tables the casino can use to pay out winnings to players. You can tell which pay table the casino is currently using by looking in the top left hand corner of the screen in the Payouts box.

Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker

To play the online game of Caribbean Stud Poker exceptionally well, it is important for you to follow two simple rules with only one exception:

  • Only bet a non-pair hand if your hand is qualified (A-K or better) and contains a dealer up-card.
  • Always bet if you have a pair or better.
  • The only exception to the first rule is 1 is if you have A-K-Q-J-X, which you should bet in spite of the dealer up-card.

The trickiest thing to do when we play is to stick to a strategy. A lot of people have an inclination to bet when they should fold in order to make up for money that has been lost. However, if you are familiar with the optimal strategy this will greatly help you.


There are a wide variety of software variants of online Caribbean Stud Poker that are present on the Internet. Some of the factors that ought to be considered for comparison are usability, speed, betting limits etc. Some of the popular software’s are as follows:



Boss Media


Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a characteristic that is present in a number of different casino online games. This feature is usually used in slot machines or video poker machines. However this feature is also used in Caribbean Stud Poker and its two variants – Caribbean Holdem and Caribbean Draw Poker. The online casino where Caribbean Stud Poker is played provides the most lucrative progressive jackpots. Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular online gambling game that is easily available at almost all Internet casinos. The software that is recommended provides all features to play for money as well as of course for free.


It is important to note that most of the casinos do not count Caribbean Stud Poker play towards releasing bonus; as such you may have to play other games other than Caribbean Stud Poker also in order to release your bonus.