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Play Craps

Craps is a game of dice in which players put wagers on the result of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. Players may bet money against each other that is street craps or a bank that is known as casino craps. Since it requires little equipment, street craps can be easily played in informal settings.

Craps has originated from a simplification of the Old English game hazard. Its origins are complicated and may date to the Crusades, afterwards being inclined by French gamblers. This is a very old and complicated game dating back to the period of the Roman Empire. It was proved that the people in the olden times used to play some game that clearly is a reminiscent of modern craps in order to spend their time between wars, retreats and attacks. The modern dice differed from one century to other. But it is generally believed that it was a Frenchman who exported craps, yet its easy version, from Europe to the US,  where the game spread all over the continent and became main rival for other casino games.

Craps Online

Craps was in high demand till the beginning of the 20th century, until the slots game came onto the surface and took over craps’ popularity.

Online craps became winning popularity of casino craps. As of now the online craps is unquestionably one of the most popular casino games. There are a wide variety of craps supplies including craps tables and craps accessories.

Playing craps online is fast becoming a favourite activity on the internet. Most people begin with playing online in order to learn the game and to get acquainted with it before they go to a land casino. The best way to do that is to download any of the four software casinos and install the software craps game and begin playing.

The craps rules might seem complicated if you’re new to the world of casino games. However, if you are still learning craps you should not be intimidated by the frenzied craps table layout or the hectic surroundings. When you have learned the craps rules, and familiarized yourself with this fast and exciting dice game you will understand why it’s so popular.

Official rules of craps

Some of the official craps rules used in online as well as off line casinos are as follows.

The shooter’s initial roll is known as a Come Out. In order to make a simple Pass Line Bet, you would only lay your chips on the area indicated as Pass Line. You are considered a winner only if the shooter hits a natural: 7 or 11. If the craps 2, 3, or 12 are rolled, you lose. If they happen to hit a shooter’s point: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, it is essential that they must hit that point again before rolling a 7 for you to win. Being familiar with how the pass line works will help your overall comprehension of Craps. For instance, there is a Don’t Pass Line Bet, and it is as anyone would think; the exact opposite of the Pass Line. The only difference is that a 12 represents a tie or a push. It is important not to get shy and intimidated. The only way to learn to play craps is to actually play craps!

Playing craps online and on land is both enjoyable and comforting.  But you should not consider it a fun filled pastime; it is a serious, strategic game. However, some think of it as a game of luck. There are specific rules and betting strategies that require the players to establish their own approach if they hope to win.

Rules of Craps

Craps is a very exciting game when you visit the casino. Here, you can hear many individuals yelling at a craps table, further increasing the thrill around the table.

In a table for craps, it can take up to a maximum of 20 players where one can each get the opportunity to shoot the dice or take turns to throw the dice. In case you prefer to only watch how a player shoots the dice and bet on the turn out, then that can also be arranged. There are different bets that you can choose to make. The bets are pass line bet, come bet, odds on come bet, don’t pass line bet, odds on pass line bet, don’t come bet, field bet, Big Six or Eight bets, place bet and proposition bets.

Increased Popularity

Craps was once considered a game for high-rollers, it is now accessible for all to enjoy thanks to the increase of online casinos and home computers.

Online craps games take over all the buzz and excitement of those you find in land-based casinos, but without the need to spend precious cash on travel. Due to modern technology fans of the game can now play from the comfort of home and enjoy fast-paced action.

Online Craps is a superb, easy to play, enjoy and understand casino game. This game gives the opportunity for a player to decide whether to play in a land based casino or at online casino craps. It is extremely simple to play online craps, for a player needs to bet at first and then to roll. Online craps is a exceptional variant of game for all those people who do not have much idea of craps rules.

Ways of playing Craps

All those who plan to play craps should comprehend that there are a number of ways of playing online craps. You can start playing craps after having got the access to the Internet and having discovered the very site you are eager to bet on. Or you can download the necessary software that is available and then play without access to the World Wide Web. So essentially you can just turn on your computer and go ahead playing.

Variations of Craps

Usually there are a few possible gambling craps variations, one can be played for fun, while the other for money. While playing craps for money, it is important to double check the site and its demand before setting the ball rolling. It’s a well known fact that all the online casinos offer their players special bonuses that is why one should consider extra bonuses.

Advantages of online craps

You can play from the very moment that you have logged in a certain site;

you do not need to think on the ball and enjoy your time and game without considering a real speed of craps. The minimum and maximum wagers in online craps vary considerably, but it is better to be on the safer side by starting with low bet gambling.

However if you like to spend time to think properly and then operate, it can be a little cumbersome for you to get used to usual casino craps.