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Taxes on online casinos in the casino news again

By mr-casino on 2014-09-06 14:12:02

Even in the Irish casino news it is difficult to get away from the debate in the USA around what online casinos are doing or could do to increase income for States and what damage they could cause to an existing casino industry and in Europe which includes Ireland it becomes even more complicated. There have been several articles written with different opinions in the Irish casino news and whilst is not prepared to take a stance on the issue one way or another, some of the arguments are interesting. For example online casinos clearly have lower overheads than a land based casino which means more profits that can be taxed by a State but in Europe and particularly in Irish online casinos the Government currently derives no income as the online casinos themselves are all based in overseas territories mainly for tax reasons. The downside which is also in the casino news is that land based casinos employ many people who earn money and pay taxes both as income and the on the goods which they purchase; if these casinos close there would be a very negative effect on tax income from that source. It is also stated quite rightly in the casino news that online casinos are much more convenient than land based casinos and therefore the number of casino players at online casinos is likely to be far greater than the number of players at land based casinos which presumably means a far greater income. Online casinos in Ireland are of course perfectly legal but both the Irish and UK Governments have been in debate for some time about how to get some income from online casino users. It seems likely that the USA issue will be resolved long before the Irish issue so it can be anticipated that it will be around in the Irish casino news for some time to come.